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The Hitachi Tree

The Hitachi Tree is a major promotional symbol of the Hitachi Group.

The first TV commercial for the Hitachi Tree appeared in 1973 in order to promote the Hitachi Group. It symbolized the Group spirit of bringing its whole strength to a wide variety of business fields in Japan in order to contribute to society. How better to portray this spirit than with a mighty tree?
Since then,the Hitachi Tree advertisements focused on the domestic market, have continued in various forms, including newspapers and magazines, on public transport, in picture books, and through photography competitions on the theme of trees. As such, the Hitachi Tree plays an important role connecting customers and the Hitachi Group.

TV Commercials

The 9th generation TV commercials
The 9th generation TV commercials


Brochures of "Hitachi Tree"
Brochures featuring the Hitachi Tree

Newspaper and Magazine Advertisements

Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads

Newspaper Ads

Transportation Advertisements

Station Signs
Station Signs

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